Friday, December 5, 2014

In the news: impatience triumphs!

I was intending to leave the "dimensional stuff" until later.  All the stuff that depended on the real-world size of the trailer frame (that I still don't have).  But I talked myself out if it for 3 reasons:

  1. I really want to make something now
  2. If the trailer is slightly the wrong size, I can fairly easily "fudge" to fit.
  3. If the trailer is a LOT the wrong size, then it was a cock-up and the dude needs to fix it.  But I don't think this is likely.  People can use measuring tapes.
I'm going to lay out the profile on the template tomorrow.  Depending on how it goes, I'll think about cutting out the walls in profile too.  Fine-detail stuff, like the galley, really IS going to wait until I see this trailer frame.  I promise.

Wordsworth said, "To begin, begin."  That sounds super-wise to me.  That is, until you think, well, that can be applied to anything.  To cook, cook.  To be a millionaire, be a millionaire.  To jive, jive.  Then it sounds like the rantings of a damp Vancouver hipster.

If only things were so simple.

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