Sunday, December 28, 2014

Making clones

Today was a fun one: I got to finally make use of this template I've been fussing around with and cut out the side walls.  I just got the exterior ones done, but I'm hoping to get the interior ones done tomorrow.  Flush-trimming with a router is fairly quick and easy.  I was very careful to keep the material clamped close to where I was working in case the template sagged away, which might cause me to carve catastrophically through the middle of my wall.  That didn't happen, so, great.

Here's the gizmo hard at work.  I'm not there because I had to take the picture.  It's not on; I'm not that thick:

The process produced excellent results.  De-burring the edges left a clean, usable cut.  There were a couple of very minor divots where the template wood was soft or dented, but they won't interrupt the "flow" of the final profile, and they'll be covered by the exterior skin and the edge moulding.

All went well until the last door positive cut, when the router started to drag a little.  I pushed it for a minute before I realized that the bit was sparking and smoking.  I guess the pressure of working for such a skilled craftsman just became too much in the end:

Here come the clones, gathering their strength, multiplying and getting ready to take over.  The exterior walls are sitting upright; the template is on the saw-horses.  After cutting out the exterior walls, I cut notches in the template, which will transfer to the interior skins and allow the spars to pass through:

The rough idea is this: tomorrow, I'll go and get a new flush-trim bit (maybe one that isn't such a sissy), then finish the last door and cut out the interior walls.  On Monday, it'll be frame pickup day, assuming the sky stops snowing like is is right now.  If all goes as planned, I'll put the walls away for awhile and start working on the floor.

Fun stuff!

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