Friday, December 12, 2014

Whipping this egg into shape

I cut out the template profile this last week, cutting large with a jigsaw and sanding to my carefully marked lines.  The whole process was fairly quick and painless.  Sanding a few mm off was short work with a belt sander, though the two inside corners on the hatch join required a little bit of filing.

Here's that nice looking spot where the hatch joins the body.  The final profile will be totally smooth(ish):

With the whole monster tidied away in the corner of the garage, it makes it easy to go and do a few minutes on this thing every day or two without a ton of setup and takedown.  I think that's important: it's fun to keep momentum on projects like this.  When we have motivation, we don't need discipline!

This looks weird, but it's just where the floor intersects the walls.  I decided it was easier to make a little tongue in the walls than in the floor.  It's dangerous as far as accidentally snapping off, but it's really just filler and it would be easy to fix:

Here's the shape of the thunderous egg!  It's cool to see it come to life from a CAD drawing.  (It's Aliiiiive!!!)  It actually mostly just sits in the corner, but it's pretty neat nonetheless:

Aaaand, another angle.  I'm like a proud Daddy.  I am actually a proud Daddy to a great 2 3/4 year-old little boy.  That was just a funny comment about how many photos I'm taking of this piece of plywood:

NEXT: Portals to other dimensions and/or holes for doors into the trailer!  Don't touch that dial!

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