Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Giant holes cut and trailer frame complete!

While I've been busy hacking away at my template, cutting handsome-looking door-holes into it like this one ...

... Ted from Trailerman in Abbotsford has been doing something useful: that is, finishing up the frame that the Thunderous Egg will ride regally around on!  We're busy preparing for Christmas with 245 relatives (they say they're all related to us), so I can't pick it up until the 29th.

Ted's been a real pleasure to deal with.  I haven't seen what he's made yet, but he's done a good job giving me advice, and he's really stuck to a long-term schedule.

I don't have any photos of that grand event, but here are some more of the piece of wood I've been seeing in the evenings.  If you look closely, you can see that I've laid out the spars.  They'll be cut out of the inner wall, but screwed and glued to the outer skin.  So I'll use the template to zip out the outer walls, cut out the spar notches, and finally shape the inner walls:

It's quite a big door, really.  It's got a big window in it (better ventilation makes for happier campers).  It'll put a lot of strain on the hinges, so I'll need to make sure the whole thing closes and latches as precisely as I hope.  But that's for future Mark to worry about:

Christmas will be largely unproductive on the Egg front, though I do hope to get the walls cut out at some stage, and maybe get a start on the internal wall structures.

The pictures are pretty terrible.  I'm aware of that.  As a former photographer, it's fairly shameful.  But the blog was meant to be a quick easy update of progress, not a chore, and cell phone photos are by far the easy route!

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