Monday, December 29, 2014

Wheels for the Egg!

The long-awaited time has come!  Today, battling the occasional snow-drift and a 5 am start, I drove to Abbotsford to pick up this lovely monster!  Ted and the crew at The Trailerman did just a bang-up job:

I really couldn't be more excited.  Well, there may be other situations, but those aren't for discussion here.

A brief weigh-in with each supporting member on the bathroom scale shows a base weight of 360lb, without the spare tire.  That's even a little below what I was expecting, and with an extra cross-member yet.  Walking around in the thing, I'm glad Ted put the extra angle iron in.  There is still some torsion, and it'd be worse with fewer supports.

Look at how shiny and new that beautiful thing is!  It stayed that way for another 20 minutes, until I started driving behind a calcium truck on the Coquihalla highway.  Now it needs a wash:

The suspension sure is chattery!  Ted tuned it for the final weight of the trailer, so it's a little, er, jumpy at the moment.  It spent a good deal of time airborne on the way home.  Only one solution for that: build a camper on top!

Onto the floor!

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