Friday, December 26, 2014

Filling time (and screw holes)

Christmas was a busy time, and there were few hours left over for the Egg, but I got a little shop time after the house cleared out today.  I spent it as any good teardropper would, carefully filling screw-holes and seams in my exterior wall plywood joins with Bondo:

The screws were for clamping the lap joints, and I took them out before filling the holes, since they really serve no purpose now.  Assuming I did a half decent job, the strength now comes from that expensive Titebond III.

I'd never used Bondo before, and it's quite fun stuff.  A little stinky, but easy and effective.  It cured to sanding hardness in 20 minutes, so I see why it's so popular for autobody work.  The purpose of the exercise was not to finish to "pre-epoxy, pre-primer" smoothness, but to just get rid of the obvious divots and do some of the major sanding while the thing was still horizontal.  

Here are the lovely, professional-quality results as promised on the package:

Terri got me a great work light and shop stool for the project, and they help tremendously.  The stool to make it easy to pat myself on the back for long periods, and the light to point out glaring errors in the finishing work.  Look at that cosy space!  My folks also got me a fine power tool guide for making many long cuts with the Skilsaw and router later in the project:

On Monday, I pick up the frame!  Before then, I'm hoping to zip out the walls with the router and start getting the floor ready for fitting.  If all goes well, maybe all this plywood will start looking like a thing we could pull behind the car!

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