Friday, March 13, 2015

Raising the roof!

That previous open and airy feeling is being traded for a little more privacy and bug-resistance.  After a minor amount of struggling and cursing, the interior roof skin in place, like so:

All those bracing pieces are temporary, of course.  (Why thank you, Captain Obvious.)  After some back and forth, I did manage to get the whole thing squared up and flush with the spars.  From there, it was easy to remove each spar, apply construction adhesive (bless that thick, gooey nectar) and re-install.  Here's the terminus at the galley:

Oooh, and here are some really, really nice looking base cabinets.  * whistles *  There's another layer on now, but why would I take another picture when I have such an awful one already?  The little knobs I finished a few months ago really add a little rustic charm:

Here's in inside.  Originally, this was going to be finished with a head-liner fabric, but the adhesive I wanted to use soaked right through the fabric backer I ordered on a test swatch.  Yuck.  I wasn't totally sold on a fabric ceiling in the first place.  It would be tough to clean and very hard to repair.  So, to be simple, this will be painted with a nice mildew-resistant paint.  I'm warned that without an absorbent liner, the sound could be a bit "brighter" inside.  Who cares:

The holes for the skylight and vent fan need to be zipped out with the router still, when I get around to it.  Lately, I've been installing the cabinets and electrical components as I go.  The electrical raceways are quite tight, and it's worlds easier to put these things in now rather than once everything's built.

Here's the outside.  That construction adhesive really produces a very strong bond: I did a little test piece with an on-end spar scrap, just like they'll sit on the trailer, and I still can't pry it off with my hands.  It would tear the wood first:

Here's the view from the galley.  I think this will look nice in a cool, calm light blue.  Not baby blue, I'm told, but I'm trusting Terri, who has a better eye for colour than I.  I believe she's beyond picking funny colours as a practical joke, but I can't be totally sure.  Either way, I'm sure it'll be a nice looking place to call home:

I'm busy installing 120V and 12V goodies and cabinets.  Once that's all ticky-boo and I'm relativity certain I won't create any electrical fires, I'll start in on the interior painting and finishing work.

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