Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Exploded view of cabinets!

Things were all put together in a nice tight unit, for a very short while.  Now pieces of everything are strewn all over the show, like this:

There are more in the trailer and off camera.  It's hard to picture how they're all supposed to fit together, but I know that they do.

They're getting smoother, though!  Tediously and incrementally so.  Sanding this Birch is quite fast compared to harder wood, but the polyurethane raises the grain with the first 2 coats, so it creates a little more sanding than it otherwise would.  Some sheets absorb the finish in kind of an uneven way, which creates tiny little runnels and makes me think, "I should have done the extra step and used a wood conditioner."

Then, right away, I think, "Grow up, Markus.  It's only a camping trailer.  Just have fun with it for crying out loud."

OK, then.  Aren't those lovely?  I should hope so, after so many trips over them:

And we're not done yet!  Some of these have 2 sides!  Well, as Terri cleverly pointed out, they all have 2 sides (6 if you're a geometer), but not all of them will be exposed.

I'm really glad I didn't try all this after the galley was installed.  I thought about it, and there would have been a few advantages, like having a more organized workspace, and being able to sand and finish the major outside corner as a single piece.  But this polyurethane is prone to dripping, and in the back of the footwell and under the sink, it would be hard to do right.  Not to mention, no fun at all.

At the moment, I'm part way through finishing the back side of the members that need it.  And the headliner fabric finally came in the mail!  I've cut the backer and straps for it, so my next few evenings might look a little like this:
  1. Finish the cabinets
  2. Finish the cabinets
  3. Install the bottom cabinets, glue the headliner backer
  4. Laminate face fabric and install headliner
Finishing really does take time and effort.  I'm quite happy with the results thus far, though, and I'm hoping I'm on the way to making a handsome little trailer!

I'm looking forward to installing the electrical, though, because it might be a little less, er, repetitive.

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