Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Here's a small picture of the big picture

Let's have a look at the whole instead of the parts.  Here's a quickie side view of the old T-Egg, v. 1.1:

Now that's a nice looking trailer, if I do say so myself.  Or, future trailer.  Erm, assuming all goes as planned.  * knocks on wood *

The doors were sexier once.  They really flowed with the shape of the sides, echoing the jaunty exterior curves and drawing the eye towards the more pedestrian shape of the windows.  But then I looked at the logistics of building, and worse, sealing them, and they wound up looking like this:  barn doors in a space ship.  I keep referring to them in plural because, obviously for such a small trailer, there's one in each side.

The windows are apparently ready to be picked up from the factory in Summerland.  My wonderful Mom is doing that on her way through for a visit.  I got the door latches in the mail today, so I'm busy making sure they'll work.

On a side note, left-right RV latches were hard to come by in Canada.  I'm told that RVs always open on the passenger side, and that's just the way it is.  There are a few other things that are tough to source up here, the next being hurricane hinges.

Enough chatter.  Let's see this fine looking beast from the back, she said suggestively:

Replete with a hatched galley for outdoor cooking and all the kitchen you can fit in 5 feet.  I'm looking forward to doing the galley -- I think that'll be a fun part.

I've decided to get the plywood before the trailer is done.  It's risky business, because the next thing I'm going to want to do is start building the thing without first making sure that the trailer is the size I think it is.  The risk with waiting for a more sensible time is insanity: I'm busy poly-coating the cabinet door handles as I write, and I can only do so many coats of that.  If this keeps up, I'll be polishing battery terminals and sewing frilly window drapes.

Patience, patience.  It's a virtue, some smug troll told me once.

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