Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Final testing before launch!

Here's someone who likes camping trailers very, very much:

If there was ever any doubt about all the hard work being worthwhile, it's extinguished completely when my little man insists on reading bedtime stories in the camping trailer.  He's very proud of it, and he's excited about it in ways that he's not about even really flashy new toys.  He knows that I made it for all 3 of us to share, and that it's a special thing made just for fun and adventure.

Later, concerned that it might have a ghost, he went to sleep in his own room.

This little project is almost substantially complete -- not done, not really, there are still some loose ends to tie up over the summer or when I find the time, but they're not essential things. I might even change my mind about some of them once it's been out for a weekend or two.  It's ready to use, and that's what matters.

The old Egg has a mattress, and tie-downs for all the equipment.  It has a tongue box with a battery mounted, and the spare fastened underneath the frame.  It has running lights, and it's all cleaned up and ready to get dirty again, but this time with dirt from the outside, not from my dusty old shop.

It's even been for a trip around the block!  Contrary to my deepest fears, it tows quite well indeed.  It isn't jumpy like the empty frame, and the car can handily tow it up and down some very steep hills near our house.  I can feel it, like the car is a little sluggish, but it's not bad.  I think it's well within the capabilities of the vehicle.  It handled minor bumps and a very tame dirt road just swimmingly.

I'm waiting for the final part -- draw catches for the hatch -- to come in on order to a local RV store.  If they arrive this week, we'll be able to take this egg out on the weekend!  At the moment, unfortunately, they are about a week overdue.  These two catches are literally (not figuratively) the last essential pieces to add.

You can imagine how patiently I'm waiting ... !

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