Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Starting to finish

Long time no talk, old friend!  Here's that the old garage workshop looks like these days:

"Hang on a sec," you say.  "That doesn't look any closer to being done.  Those things were attached the last time I saw this."

Well, Watson (we'll assume you're Watson), all these various bits have been disassembled for ease of finishing!

"Finishing?  Why, that must mean ... ?!"

Correct!  This particular trailer is no longer of the "some assembly required" class.  Quite the contrary -- everything (hatch, both doors, door surrounds) have been built.  In fact, this is very little real progress since we last spoke, but we're onto a new phase of the Egg nonetheless.

I'm in the process of fine-tuning the "fairing" (filling and sanding in boat-speak) all the exterior surfaces.  It's going fairly (get it?) quickly, mainly because I did a lot of the heavy lifting in this area when the components were first built.  Also, not to brag, but after 5 cans of this Bondo stuff, I'm somewhat of a lesser genius with it.

Here's the clever braced saw-horse stand I'm using to hold the hatch while we're in progress.  I wish I'd done this when I first built the thing instead of having it rolling around on the floor:

What's next?  After fairing, it's time to crack the seal on the epoxy and start encapsulating the doors, walls, trim, etc, followed by fibreglass on the hatch and roof.  I've never done epoxy before.  I'm a little nervous about what I'll manage to screw up with this hard, permanent, plasticizing material, but life is nothing if not an adventure!

Stay tuned.  The goal is to have this whole assembly on the road for the Spring.  Time is always at a premium, but I'm planning on following a loose mid-week finishing schedule so I can begin to put some smoke behind this camper!

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