Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cabinets roughed in

Now here's a happy-looking boy, modelling alongside a beautiful hardwood cabinet configuration.  What an adorable little scene:

Very nice work, sir.  Well, thank you, Master Finlay!

The cabinets are fully roughed it, which is slightly less progress than it sounds.  Everything still needs to be pulled apart, finished, then re-installed.  Finishing all the tiny nooks and crannies would take me until the end of time, and most of the joints still need glue.

Surprisingly, the cooler, the water jug, and the propane cylinder all fit comfortably under the counter, just like they were supposed to.  There's even room for a few kitchen odds and ends.  The big stuff will get fastened in transit with a system of tie-downs to avoid spectacular spills.  The drawers on the right are staggered to follow the profile a little.

Fin's sitting there with the locking pliers like he just installed the tap or something.  He definitely didn't.  At this stage, he's more of a "back seat" plumber:

At first, I was fully intending to cut out all the panels, finish them, and install them for the first and final time all at once.  I'm glad I didn't.  There were tiny design changes that happened when I saw the thing in real life, which would have generated a lot of re-cutting, refinishing, and general cussing around.  Everything is cut, drilled, and dry-fit, so it won't take much to undo and redo.

The water comes out the hand-pump tap from the blue jug.  It's slightly slower than a simpler gravity feed option, but it avoids having the awkward, large container sitting on the counter.  The sink just drains out a hole in the floor through a hose, which later will be directed somewhere that's unlikely to be right where we stand.

Here's what happened in the cabin.  It's a fairly plain-looking affair for the moment.  Once the more important stuff is finished, I'm planning to add a lot more clever storage and even some fold-down eating trays.  The left door goes through to the cabinets for midnight snacking access and early morning brownie point coffee pass-throughs:

Time to tear it all out again!  I won't take photos of Fin during this process, because he may look less proud than he will confused and concerned.  When I told him we needed to take the cabinets apart for finishing, he told me to stop before I take the wheels off.  I said I thought that was a good idea.

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