Thursday, January 29, 2015

Barn raising!

So we finally have a 3D object instead of a stack of odd-shaped sheet goods!  Here's the fine-looking beast now.  In all honestly, the photos make it look oddly wide, and it looks a little silly without the fenders.  Nonetheless:

This pretty well blew Fin's mind.  I don't think he's totally sure how the design he and I have worked on on my computer is somehow coming to life.  It could almost seem like magic, but magic would probably happen a lot faster.

The bolts went into the built-in epoxied nuts in the baseplate just fine, which is a relief.  I guess JB-Weld is a good as it claims!  That step was a bit of a question mark.

Interestingly, the trailer frame had a slight downward bow on both sides.  I had a shimming schedule planned if the wood couldn't bend to accommodate the frame, but I was quite surprised to see the 2" tubular metal frame easily bend to accommodate the wood!  Perhaps I overbuilt the walls a little.

Stained carpet scraps not included.  Some assembly required:

The next stage (already in progress) is to fit a couple of squared sheets tightly inside the walls to keep things square while I install the support spars in the obvious slots.  After that will come the headliner (the inside roof skin).  I'm still deciding how to finish that bit, but I'm leaning towards laminating upholstery fabric onto the ply prior to installation.  I think that would help absorb a little inside noise and make the inside seem not quite so "woody".

I flopped a sheet of 1/8" Baltic birch over the tighter roof curve, and it bends beautifully.  My tightest inside radius 45cm, but I don't doubt that it could be used to fit a radius of 20cm or smaller.

Here's the butt end, where the galley and hatch will eventually be:

There's a lot left to do, but progress is being made!  Here's a short list:
  • Inside roof skin
  • Galley
  • Electrical
  • Roof foam core / outer roof skin
  • Doors
  • Galley
  • Exterior finishing
Sounds pretty easy, right?

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