Monday, October 20, 2014

Looking back, this will be the time when I didn't know any better

I like being outside, doing unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming things, working with my hands, and being frustrated.  Ooh, and spending time with my family.  That's the top thing.

I don't own a truck and I don't really want one.  My garage is normal inside, but uncommonly short at the door.  If you think that's some kind of metaphor for something, you might be disappointed by the lack of dirty content moving forward.  

"Wow," you're thinking.  "This guy should build one of those teardrop trailer things that you can tow behind a car."

Great idea!

So what's the point of this exercise?
  1. To get out camping as quickly as possible
  2. To camp in the most economical way
  3. To do such a great job that I'll open a shop and do this all the time
Dang, hang on.
  1. To have fun building it
  2. To show it off
  3. To go camping often with my family, hopefully with less hassle than now
Also, to keep a cap on the money side of things, because it is very easy to get carried away.  Please mention in the comments if you see me doing this.  It's hard to see in yourself.

How does adding an extra large vehicle-type thing produce less hassle, you might ask?  Well, maybe it won't.  But my hope is that with all the camping stuff stored in one large go-bag with wheels, it'll make getting ready to head out much faster.  Originally, I was wishing I had just a box to tow behind the car with all the camping gear in it so we wouldn't have to spend so long getting ready.  Then I thought, "Damn, we should just sleep in there!"  Then I looked that idea up on Google images, and an obsession slowly started seeping into my poorly-sealed brain.

Right now, the young person/couple with no kids is thinking, "What a glut.  I don't need so much stuff when I go camping.  I just grab my light fashionable bag and breezily leave the house."  To that family unit I say, go find something much more hip to read.  This blog is about how to easily cart around a whole bunch of things you don't need, including the kitchen sink.  Judge silently and from afar.

To be fair, let's look at the rest of the family's perspective's on project scope and ambition:

  1. To go camping.  A teardrop trailer sounds awesome, really.  It does.  But the main point is to go camping.
  1. Are you making a campin' trailer?  For really?  Does it have a wheel?  Does it have a sink?  Can I be in it?  I can!  Daddy, I have a bite of cereal.  I can do a calculating for you.  Here ...
Okee dokee.  Let's try to make sure we're meeting everyone's goals through the long haul here.  Stay focused everyone, keep your chin up and be safe out there.  Hey!  Put on some pants.  You too, Fin.

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